10 वीं,11 वीं,12 वीं के लिए भौतिकी के फार्मूले


12 वीं के लिए भौतिकी के फार्मूले,11 वीं के लिए भौतिकी के फार्मूले. Physics formulas for the 10th, Class 11th Physics formulae, CBSE 12th Physics formulae.

10 वीं के लिए भौतिकी के फार्मूले/Physics formulas for the 10th:

Newton’s Second Law
F = ma
force = mass x acceleration

w = mg
weight = mass x gravity (9.8)

Final Velocity
v = u + at
final velocity = initial velocity + (acceleration x time taken)

Class 11th Physics formulae/11 वीं के लिए भौतिकी के फार्मूले:

time = distance ÷ velocity

Average Speed
speed = distance ÷ time
Average speed = total distance / total time

distance = velocity x time

CBSE 12th Physics formulae/12 वीं के लिए भौतिकी के फार्मूले:

Velocity= displacement / time
वेग = विस्थापन / समय

Momentum = mass × velocity

Electric field = electrical force / charge

Magnetic field = force / (electric current × length)

Newtons 3 Laws of Motion:
First law -> object at rest tends to stay at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force
Second law -> This law states that force applied/experienced is equal to change in momentum per unit change in time
Third law ->For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction.

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