Science GK Quiz-विज्ञान से जुड़े सामान्य ज्ञान के सवाल जवाब

science general knowledge in hindi
science general knowledge in hindi

Science GK Quiz. General Science Questions in Hindi ,Science General Knowledge in Hindi, General Knowledge objective type Questions in Hindi.विज्ञान GK हिंदी

Science GK Quiz

Science GK Quiz

#1. What is the formula of Sulfuric acid ?.
a. H2SO4
b. SO2
c. Na2SO4
d. K2SO4

Answer : a. H2SO4

#2. Name an open chain hydrocarbon which is odourless?
A. Aldehydes
B. Aromatic
C. Aliphatic
D. Acetate
Answer. C. Aliphatic

#3. शरीर की सबसे बड़ी ग्रंथि कौन है ?
(A) लार ग्रंथि
(B) थायरॉइड
(C) यकृत
(D) आमाशय

Answer : (C) यकृत

#4. Which Compound is used for making Perfums?
A) Ethyl Acetate
B) Ethanone
C)Ethyl Alcohol
D) None of these

Answer : A) Ethyl Acetate

Science GK Quiz

#5. Where is the Headquarter of ISRO?
(a) Chandipur
(b) Bengaluru
(c) Mahendragiri
(d) Chennai

Answer: b) Bengaluru

#6.Who among the following Scientist is associated with discovery of electron?
A. Galileo
B. Einstein
C. J.J Thomson
D. C.R.T Wilson

Answer : C. J.J Thomson

#7.Heart is made up of:
A. Non-Striated muscle
B. Cardiac muscle
C. Adipose Tissue
D. Striated Muscle
Ans. B. Cardiac muscle

#8.Scientist Ottohan and Stassman का Physics में योगदान क्या है??
A. Nuclear Fusion
B. Nuclear Fission
C. Dynamite
D. None of the above

Answer : B. Nuclear Fission

#9. Which of the following is the heaviest metal?
A. Silver
B. Gold
C. Mercury
D. Platinum

Answer : D. Platinum

#10.. Which of the following is the lightest element?
A. Hydrogen
B. Platinum
C. Mercury
D. Helium

Answer : A. Hydrogen

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